Aug 252014

Gen Con 2014 was a blast!

I was busy from the Wednesday before the convention began until the vendor hall closed at 4 pm  on Sunday.

One of the things I remembered from a previous Gen Con was that the guys had taken the time to play several games from Gut Bustin’ Games and interview the creator, Lisa Bowman-Steenson.

Gut Bustin’ Games is home of games such as; Redneck Life, Trailer Park Wars, Oh Gnome You Don’t, and Cheap Shot. My favorite of these games is Trailer Park Wars. You take on the role of a trailer park manager. The object of the game is to end up with the most pink flamingos at the end of the game. These are earned through the combinations of various trailer cards, resident cards, event cards, and the synergies that build up between the three. It is a very competitive game where you try to grow your park and keep the other player’s parks from exceeding your own. The rules are easy to pick up and play is fast, furious, and fun. They had an expansion available for Trailer Park wars entitled Terror in the Trailer Park which caught my eye. It has a horror slant and gives you more flamingos with which to track points. They just happen to be purple as well.

Lisa took time out of a very busy day in the vendor hall to answer a few of my questions about Gut Bustin’ Games which I will summarize for you here as my note taking skills are not up to snuff for direct quotes as of yet. The new game premiering at Gen Con 2014 was Flea Marketeers. This game has the players taking the role of different stall holders at a flea market. Each player gets a flea book which list items that they would buy and sell and the prices that they would get for said transaction. Each player has a list that is different and has different prices for items that may be shared across flea book. The objective of the game is to buy low and sell high. There are event cards that throw a wrench into the works and allows for things like stealing another player’s table. I was able to watch a demo of the game and it was easy to learn and a quick moving game once the players caught on to the gist of their flea book.

Currently you can find Flea Marketeers and the rest of Gut Bustin’ Games line on their website here. According to Lisa, This newest addition to the line will be available in stores in September.

Lisa was nice enough to let me know what was in the works for Gut Bustin’ Games. Currently in development she has Nearly Naughty expansion for Flea Marketeers as well as a game based on horrible house pets. They sounded interesting and I am looking forward to hearing more in the coming months on these projects.

I took the time to ask Lisa what, outside of Gut Bustin’ Games, she geeked  about. It turns out that she is a big fan of dogs. She enjoys training them to help them fit in better with their families as well as fosters dogs and works as a volunteer at her local animal shelter.



Aug 192014

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Aug 112014
Moon Knight No 6: Spectre

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Aug 092014

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Aug 062014

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