Jun 302015

Michael,Miri,Bernie,and Jacob are back with a new episode.  We are back to talking about geek topics instead of just tabletop gaming.  We begin with what we have been doing since the last episode.  We try out a new segment called Rapid Opinions.  Somehow we end up talking about X-Men and even Cyclops.

Rapid Opinions :  

Assassin’s Creed comic from Titan Comics

Transgender Character in Guild Wars 2

The Rock in Rampage

More than one Green Lantern?




Jun 282015

​This week on DDC we check on our fearless crew and what they have been up to. Matomic is all about a new deck in modern, Layfield has done more online drafting, and Kaesi has drinking and advice to give to the community on an all to familiar subject. We then  have 2 very special guests at the end to brighten your day.

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Jun 282015

Hosts : Cedric and Andres the Alpha Nerd

Cedric and Dres shoot the breeze at stately Dres manor.  Due to some odd heating noises the audio quality is a little lower than we would otherwise like.  We talk about Gundam and Star Trek.  We talk many different eras but focus on Voyager.

Episode 6

Jun 182015

I had the chance to talk with Devin Pike who is the Event Emcee and Cosplay Ambassador from Dallas Comic Con about what he thought about this year’s comic con. Here is what he had to say.



1) I have been to a few different panels at both Comic Cons in Dallas and one in Irving and I have often thought about this. Can you record the panels? We all know not to use flash photography because it will steal your soul, but what about an audio or video recording?

 Most of the time, video recording of panels is fine. There occasions where the guest has asked for no recording – or, in the instance of Alex Kingston back in February, the recording is limited to the first five minutes of the panel. All we ask is that people be courteous of the people around them. No one wants to have their view of the stage blocked by someone else’s camera.

2) A-Kon has Pathfinder and Dungeon and Dragons during their convention. Are there any plans to expand to have more traditional games at Dallas Comic Con, meaning board games, card games, and role playing games?

We’re always looking for ways to incorporate various areas of fandom and participation at the shows. At the Irving Convention Center, as space is fairly limited, it’s harder for us to accommodate gaming rooms and other breakout sessions. When we’re at the Dallas Convention Center for Fan Expo Dallas, we’ll definitely look at working tabletop gaming in.

3) While standing in line for my photo op with Karen Gillian someone mentioned how there seem to be less exhibitors but more celebrities. Is this a correct assumption?

The opposite is true. We had close to 50 percent more exhibitors at the 2015 show than 2014. The perception might come from our ability to spread out more, in both the Artist Alley and Vendor spaces. Last year, we were only using two halls of the Convention Center, where this year, we had access to five of the six halls. This allowed us to address one of the most frequent comments from 2014: that the vendor spaces were far too cramped.

4) Last year there were a few hiccups with the volunteers. Yet this year the volunteers were great. Anytime I asked any of them something they had the answer. What did you change?

My guess would be the second year in that space, and having our game plan as readily available to all of our staff, both paid and volunteer, as it could be. The entire volunteer army Fan Expo Dallas has is phenomenal, and the only reason they’re there is to make the attendee experience as amazing as possible.

5) I have to ask you, how did the whole thing go down with Matt Smith? Great job landing him, kind of.

I found out about the signing, and the loss, of Matt Smith pretty much the same time as the fans did. When an actor is working as much as Smith, professional commitments change at the drop of a hat. A window of opportunity hit, and we thought we were able to bring him in. We don’t announce a guest until they have cleared a certain point in the booking process, but if they have to bow out because of a last-minute schedule change, that still trumps anything we have going on.

6) I read that some people were able to buy photo op with Matt Smith, is this right, how?

I’m fairly certain those photo ops were never placed on sale. We held off putting them online because we were trying to work out his availability that weekend.

7) You did a great job of getting the guys that played Godzilla, what did they think of Dallas Comic Con? Also will we be seeing them again?

All three actors said they had a wonderful time at the show. Meeting fans – especially American fans – is a delight for them. Knowing their work is honored by multiple generations of moviegoers is a real treat.

8) Do you plan on getting anyone else from the Godzilla movies?

If we get opportunities like that in the future with other actors, we’ll certainly jump on them.

9) I was not able to go to this year’s Shindig, how did that go? Anything good, bad or just plain weird that stands out in your mind?

We were able to build on the success of last May’s Shindig, add a second room for a more relaxed atmosphere, bring in the Returners from Austin, put on a revival of REMOTE CONTROL… I’d say it was another hit. My only regret was not getting to see most of the other acts. Putting on a live game show is harder than it looks.

10) Comicpalooza, Dallas Comic Con and A-Kon occurred one weekend after another. Did yall plan it out that way? Do you talk with other Cons when planning things out?

That area is getting pretty crowded in the Lone Star State. It’s never planned that way, just sort of happened. A lot of it has to do with availability of facilities, and trying to hit a sweet spot for guest availability and tradition. Up until this year, we traditionally held our show in the middle of May, but the decision was made to move the show to the weekend after Memorial Day for the foreseeable future.

11) I won’t ask you what your favorite moment from the Con is because with so many amazing guests that would be hard to do. But how about your top ten favorite moments?

Such a blur. Dancing backstage with Karen Gillan to “Cherry Bomb.” Having Sylvester McCoy regale me with tales of stuffing ferrets down his pants. Hearing Stan Lee bust my buddy Mark Barbian’s chops because he was driving a golf cart too slow. Flirting with Billie Piper. Stuffing 1800 people in the A3 Ballroom for the Costume Contest – our biggest audience for that event ever. Walking on that Arena stage for the first time, and seeing 9800 people ready to have a good time. But, if I had to pick one standout moment, it was Ming-Na Wen aiming to kick my face in. Gods, that woman is a delight. And I’m pretty sure she could kill me with little effort.

On a personal note, I remember watching Ming-Na Wen do her kick then thinking “Oh man why didn’t I get a picture of that?”


I would like to end this by thanking Devin Pike for giving me this interview, Fan Expo for bringing all these great cons to Dallas, and all the guest that took the time to come to Dallas Comic Con. You can find the podcast were Miri, Mike and I talk about my adventures by following this link.



Jun 162015



CHICAGO, IL (June 15, 2015): Warpo, the indie toy company setting the bar in the creation of new retro toys, announces today the latest addition to the Legends of Cthulhu action figure line, the forthcoming glow in the dark, 12” Cthulhu. With an MSRP of $125, the glow in the dark 12” Cthulhu will have a limited production run of 300, and is expected to become an instant coveted collectible.

The glow in the dark 12” Cthulhu will feature poseable wings, 7 points of articulation, and pliable “gripping hands”, suited for grasping 3.75” action figures to their doom. The figure will be packaged in an early 1980s-style, full-color and individually numbered box, featuring brand new artwork by legendary artist Ken Kelly. This new figure joins the Legends of Cthulhu line, which consists of the four original 3.75” figures, as well as the standard 12” Cthulhu, to be released this summer.

Legends of Cthulhu retro action figures are available at BigBadToyStore, Think Geek,comic book stores, and in toy and hobby shops nationwide. Retailers interested carrying Legends of Cthulhu in their stores should contact their Diamond distributor.

About Warpo
Founded in 2013 by avid collectors and toy industry veterans Bryan Katzel, Eric LeFeber and Tommy Baldwin, Warpo is Making Yesterday’s Toys, high-quality collectible toys with a a distinct retro look and feel. Taking an artisanal approach of “method manufacturing”, Warpo’s debut product line, Legends of Cthulhu launched with a Kickstarter in June 2014, and the company’s future releases include action figures, plush, playsets, and more. For more information, visit warpo.com.




Jun 132015
​This Week on DDC we chat just a little bit with Layfield, who also gives us a new top 5 list. Then we get into our real Topic GP Vegas. Matomic and Kaesi went and made it back with plenty of amazing tales of the road. We tried to keep it short but we just can’t with so much goodness out there.

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