Oct 092015

Bernie interviews Mitch Gitelman from the Battletech Kickstarter.  They start by answering questions from the Kickstarter and then go into aspects of the Battletech game and the Kickstarter campaign.

Check out the Kickstarter here.


Oct 032015

​On this weeks Episode Mattomic, Kaesi, and Layfield talk about the Direct Damage Cast Prerelease event held at Minature exchange. Sit back relax and enjoy the latest Direct Damage Cast

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Sep 292015

Anger Mismanagement – Episode 9 – Airsoft

Hosts: Cedric and Ziggy

Cedric talks with Ziggy and discusses Airsoft and how it is nerdy.

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Episode 9


Sep 292015




Today Harebrained Schemes released the Kickstarter for their next game, BattleTech. Yesterday, September 28, 2015, they did a Q&A session on Twitch with NGNGTV. In attendance was Jordan Welsman, Creator of BattleTech; Mitch Gitelman, producer of Mechcommander; and Mike McCain, Art Director.

Here is what was revealed and confirmed. This is not from a website that I read but from the developers themselves.

The game takes place during what is known as the “Classic BattleTech” era.

To begin with the name of the game is “BattleTech”. The name of the Kickstarter Campaign is “Alpha Strike: BattleTech” The idea was that on day one, hour one. Every single person would click on the “fund now” button. Mitch Gitelman was calling on an “Alpha Strike” on Kickstarter to try and get it funded quickly so they could move on to the stretch goals. If the Kickstarter servers when down because too many people were wanting to fund the BattleTech game, he would be happy.

There will be NO Clans or this game. Maybe the next.

One thing that was asked over and over was about the Clans. A lot of people want the Clans and all their cool technology (me included) but they said that the time period in which the game takes place the Clans have not shown up yet. If you know the history then you know that there are some Clan people around but they are there covertly. So no Clan tech. As for future DLC they also said no simply because of the timeline. They did say if this game is successful the next game would have Clan Technology.

There will be combine arms, maybe not infantry.

They said that to properly make a MechWarrior game you NEED the combine arms aspect. Jordan Welsman compare it to a game of chess. And the combine arms would be the pawns. One thing they also mentioned was they are trying to put in infantry but they might be too small to and just look awkward. So we will see if infantry actually make it to the final game.

They want destructible terrain but might not get in.

It depends on how much they get. This is a goal that can be unlocked. For a lot of what people wanted, they often said it’s a goal to be unlocked by Kickstarter. And by that they meant they wanted the actual game to get done. At one point Jordan Welsman was talking about how the salvage economy would work. Half way through the explanation Mitch Gitelman cut in to say that what Jordan was talking about was all theory. It’s how they HOPED it would work. So while Salvage IS confirmed it is still up in the air how it would work. Many times Jordan Welsman and Mike McCain would go off on what they wanted the game to look like and feel and Mitch Gitelman would chime in saying those were more stretch goals. That he wanted to make sure the core game worked before adding any bells and whistles. So it was cool to see they DO have high goals of what the game will be but they also have someone that is keeping their feet on the ground.

Will the game be cannon?

Someone asked about if the game would be cannon in the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe. While Jordan Welsman did not say “yes” or “no”, he did say he would like to keep it as close to the books as possible. So I guess the answer would be “maybe”.

Personalities are another thing they want, depending on the funding.

When they were asked about being able to interact with some of the more famous people in the BattleTech history they said yes, depending on the funding. Jordan Welsman said you would not be playing AS one of them but it would be possible to work FOR them. Other things to unlock would be legendary Mechs.

Background for character is a high level goal, a definite maybe.

So someone asked if they could come up with a background for their characters and maybe tie it in with a certain House. This was another one of those that they want to put in but it will very much depend on how much funding they get.

What about modding and customization?

You can mod your Mech and lance but no modding of the game itself. Something that was also asked quite a bit was modding. They said you would be able to mod your Mechs and Lances but not the game itself. There will be a “map editor” but you won’t be able to create the whole map yourself. They will give you a map and you can chose where you and your opponent will start the game. One part of the game that will be in the game is customization of the outside of the Mechs. You will be able to color the Mechs different colors and give them different emblems. So if you want to ride around in a pink Mech with bunny rabbit emblems, you will be able to.

Hexes or squares? Freemoves

Someone asked if they would be using hexes or squares for the maps. They said that while the traditional game used hexes for the game they will be using the Freemove system. Explaining that freemove seemed more realistic. A lot of people asked about the rules of the game. They said they will be using as much of the rules from the tabletop game as possible.


Other Information

When asked if there would be space battles there was a very quick “No.” All the battles will take place on the ground. As for Aerotech and dropships, Aerotech will be part of the combine arms package. Dropships will be part of the extended storyline or Stage 3.

Harebrained Schemes will be working with Piranha Games (MechWarrior Online) and Catalyst Game Labs to make sure everything looks and feels authentic to the Battletech Universe.

It will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux computers. It will not be released on console or mobile platforms.

It will be a turned based game, not a RTS like Mechcommander. It will NOT have any Free-To-Play elements. It will be supported and released on Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle. When the game gets released it will have language support for English, French, German, and Russian. Also people outside the US will be able to donate via PayPal. Although those outside the US will have to pay for shipping of any physical rewards.

Another thing asked by many people was physical combat and “Death from Above”. To much rejoice they said “YES.” One of the main differences between Mechs combat and other vehicular combat modes is that Mechs can do physical, melee combat. They also said it wouldn’t be a Mech game without it.

When asked about multiplayer and PVP they said that would be a Stage 4 goal. First they wanted to get the storyline out then do multiplayer. When asked HOW PVP would work they said 1v1 for now. Simply because since it IS a turn based game, they didn’t want people waiting on five other people to decide what they are going to do in a 3v3 game.

When asked about the MechWarrior movie it was mentioned that they had been in talks about a MechWarrior movie but they decided to go with a Transformers movie instead. If people really want a MechWarrior movie we need to let Michael Eisner know since he is the one holding the rights to it.

So head over to their Kickstarter page and lets get this game funded.

Sep 132015

In this episode we talk about what we have all heard at our gaming table. ” It’s what my character would do.”   We also talk about the announcement of Pokemon Go.  There is also a little Doctor Who and World of Warcraft discussion too. Enjoy!


Sep 092015

I know that sometimes you just want to play some D&D 5th edition but don’t have a lot of time to completely flesh out an adventure.  Well maybe this Handbook can help you out?  They say the book is a lot nicer than the title suggests.

The Total Party Kill Handbook is a Game Master’s aide, containing twenty-five encounters and a Trap Workshop full of dangerous obstacles designed for use with your favorite fifth edition roleplaying game. Clocking in at close to 150 pages, The Total Party Kill Handbook has enough content to keep even seasoned adventurers busy.


Check out the Kickstarter here!