Feb 082016
 Why hello there friends, yes it has been awhile since our last episode.  However this episode is unlike any of our original Direct Damage Cast. This is the start of something new. What happens when you combine one of our original hosts with two proud MtG players from the California, why you get Direct Damage Cast West Coast. In this our first episode we delve into the backgrounds of our new hosts (kinda). We also talk about the Pro tour (kinda). Then talk about prerelease and money in MtG (kinda). We go off on a few tangents as we feel out our first show. Contact us Let us know how we did.
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Jan 242016

WWE_Royal_Rumble_2016_2nd_Promotional_PosterThe Royal Rumble is one of my favorite pay per views from the WWE.  30 wrestlers compete to eliminate each other by throwing others over the top rope and having their two feet hit the ground.  I always look forward to hanging out with friends and watching for surprise entries and great spots.  This year I decided to post my thoughts and predictions on each match.


(Fatal 4-Way Kickoff Match to qualify for the Royal Rumble Match) Darren Young & Damien Sandow vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Ascension vs Mark Henry & Jack Swagger

This match will give the winning team an entry into the Royal Rumble.  The only two teams to really care about here are the Dudley Boyz and the team of Mark Henry and Jack Swagger.  This could be the last opportunity for Mark Henry to compete in the Rumble for the title before he retires.  My pick is the Dudley Boyz to win and enter the Rumble.  If the rumors are true of them splitting up the Dudleys the Rumble match could be the best place to have Bubba eliminate D-Von.


WWE United States Championship : Alberto Del Rio (C) vs Kalisto

After the last pay per view it seemed Kalisto was getting a push and they even gave him the title for a very short time.  He has earned himself a chance to really showcase what he could do.  I think Alberto Del Rio and the League of Nations need this championship more at the moment.  Hopefully we get to see some amazing high flying moments from Kalisto and let him shine.  He might win the title again some day but I see Alberto Del Rio winning.


WWE Divas Championship : Charlotte (C) vs Becky Lynch

Charlotte has learned a lot from her dad Ric Flair on being the dirtiest diva player.  I thought it was a great move to turn her heel on her best Becky Lynch.  I’m tired of seeing Ric Flair so much and stealing some of the spotlight from Charlotte and Becky Lynch.  I would like to see Ric Flair cause Charlotte to lose and back away from her after she gets mad at him.  Becky Lynch will have the title at some point but keeping the title on Charlotte makes sense for right now.


WWE Tag Team Championship : The New Day (C) vs The Usos

Let me get this out of the way right now.  NEW DAY ROCKS!  They are the most entertaining team going right now.  They just lost their trombone named Francesca but I don’t see that causing a problem for retaining their titles.  We have seen this match many times before and the New Day will keep their titles again.


WWE Intercontinental Championship Last Man Standing : Dean Ambrose (C) vs Kevin Owens  

I am looking forward to this match the most and will probably steal the show.   The point of a Last Man Standing match is to hurt your opponent so much that they can’t stand to a referee’s ten count.  This is the perfect match for these two wrestlers to let out some frustration on each other.  I think Dean Ambrose needs this win more than Kevin Owens.  Owens could easily come back after this loss and move onto another feud with anybody.  I would love to see him compete in the World Heavyweight title picture very soon.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Royal Rumble : 30 Wrestlers 

This year the Royal Rumble is for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Roman Reigns is the current champion and will enter the Rumble at the No. 1 spot.  That’s not the only thing that will make this year interesting.  Will we see the debut of AJ Styles during the Rumble?  It could be a chance to debut him and start a feud with whoever eliminates him because I don’t thing AJ Styles will win if he does compete.  There are a few outcomes that I could see happening.  Reigns could go all the way and retain his title.  Brock Lesnar could take back the title that was his.  Triple H could cost Reigns the title and win it for himself.  I don’t want to see Triple H win the title at all.  He could still cost Reigns the title and continue their feud without the title around his waist.  I think keeping Reigns as the Champion will probably be what happens.


Well those are my thoughts and predictions for the 2016 Royal Rumble PPV.  I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I may do more in the future.  Let me know your predictions in the comments below .




Jan 202016

This week on Direct Damage Cast we talk about Proxies and then go off on a few tangents about Wrasslin. We dig into what we are going to do for our Prerelease and finish on a light note. It’s a pretty light episode for our crew this week. ​

Jan 182016
Curse of Strahd - Logo

RENTON, Wash. – January 18, 2016 Today, Wizards of the Coast announced Curse of Strahd, a new Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in Castle Ravenloft and the surrounding land of Barovia. Written in collaboration with Tracy and Laura Hickman, the authors of the original Ravenloft adventure published in 1983, Curse of Strahd pits players against the vampire Strahd von Zarovich. Curse of Strahd will be available to everyone on March 15, 2016.

“Revisiting the land of Barovia with the creators of the original Ravenloft adventure has been a highlight of my professional career,” said Chris Perkins, principal story designer at Wizards of the Coast. “Tracy and Laura Hickman created a timeless villain whose faults reflect the darkest traits of humanity. I can’t begin to describe what it’s like to walk through the halls of Castle Ravenloft with its creators as your guides.”

Heroes from the Forgotten Realms and other D&D worlds can easily be drawn into Strahd’s cursed land. Once there, they must contend with the horrors of Barovia. Its people are melancholy, misshapen and grotesque, living in fear of the wolves and other creatures that serve Strahd’s evil will. The only hope for the trapped adventurers is to heed the warnings of a mysterious fortune-teller named Madam Eva. Drawing random cards from her tarokka deck, she directs adventurers to search Strahd’s domain for artifacts and allies to help the master of Castle Ravenloft. That is, before he orchestrates your demise for his amusement and feasts on your terror.

While waiting for the adventure, experience the power of Madam Eva for yourself. D&D fans can have their own distinct fortunes read each day by retweeting the official @Wizards_DnD Twitter account using the hashtag #DNDFortune. Madam Eva’s fortunes are based on which random card she draws from her tarokka deck and displays for each reading. Check back each day with Madam Eva to see what your #DNDFortune will foretell.

Players will also love to get their hands on a physical tarokka deck of cards produced by Gale Force 9 and available with the release of the adventure. The tarokka deck is a powerful tool for both Madam Eva and for Dungeon Masters running Curse of Strahd. By using the tarokka deck to randomize locations within the adventure, Dungeon Masters can customize each party’s exploration of Barovia, allowing Curse of Strahdto be replayed for years to come.

 Strahd is waiting for you … What are you afraid of?

For more information on Dungeons & Dragons, including details on all of the new products featuring Curse of Strahd from Wizards and our partners visitwww.dungeonsanddragons.com

Assets for Curse of Strahd can be found here: https://dnd.wizards.com/pressassets
 Curse of Strahd - Key Art - Madam Eva - Strahd
Curse of Strahd - Key Art - Madam Eva - Vampire Strahd
Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS), is the leader in entertaining the lifestyle gamer. Wizards’ players and fans are members of a global community bound together by their love of both digital gaming and in-person play. The company brings to market a range of gaming experiences under powerful brand names such as MAGIC: THE GATHERING and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Wizards is also a publisher of fantasy series fiction with numerous New York Times best-sellers. For more information about our world renowned brands, visit the Wizards of the Coast Web site at www.wizards.com.
Jan 172016

Our first Zero Fortitude episode of 2016 is finally here!  We talk about what we have been doing during our holiday break.  We all saw Star Wars the Force Awakens during the break and give our quick thoughts and opinions on the movie.  We end the show talking about all the people that have passed away so far in 2016.  Be sure to check out our Instagram account.


Jan 042016

On This weeks episode the wonderful Kaesi and Matomic are forced to listen to Layfield go on an amazing rant about goings on the past few weeks. Then the gang talk about what they have been up to playing MtG and New Years eve. We have an interview with the man himself EDHGhost and find out what he is like in a commander game. Here’s a hint if you have a back he will stab you in it, ok I’m still salty. Then we close on a new top 5 list and things we are looking forward to in 2016.

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