My New Gaming Shelves

My family and I finally got us a new house.  This has been a long time coming and we are very excited.  With a new house comes my very first gaming room.  There is still some work that needs to be finalized so we can’t completely move in yet.  However, I did get the chance… Read More »

WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Predictions

This Sunday June 4th will be Raw’s Extreme Rules PPV!  It’s their one time of the year when they go to the Extreme.  This years PPV looks promising as you will see some good talent in a multitude of matches. Calvin and I have decided to put our predictions out there for the fans to… Read More »

Hover: Revolt of Gamers Launch Trailer

Here is a teaser for tomorrow’s release of Hover: Revolt of Gamers!  Hover: Revolt of Gamers will be released on PC/MAC/Linux tomorrow at 7 PM GMT+1. What do you think of the trailer?  

Tomb of Sargeras- Upcoming WoW Raid

Wow, we’re back and it’s been awhile. I’ve been keeping busy with World of Warcraft and it’s latest expansion Legion. My guild and I have freed the Emerald Dream from Xavius and his nightmare. We’ve been tools for Odin to defeat Helya in the Trial of Valor. Still think he could have handled that on… Read More »