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Dice Tower Awards 2016

The Dice Tower awards were announced recently with some surprises appearing. The Dice Towers Awards are for board games and card games from the previous year were revealed. Here are the categories: Most Innovative Game Best Two-Player Game Best Theming Best Strategy Game Best Reprint of the Year Best Party Game Best Game from a… Read More »

Review of the Final Fantasy TCG

I recently got to demo the new Final Fantasy trading card game at A-Kon and I must say, that I enjoy it. It does have it’s pros and cons though, which I will go into further details. First let me go into the pros. The card stock on these cards is wonderful. It is a… Read More »

Hover: Revolt of Gamers Launch Trailer

Here is a teaser for tomorrow’s release of Hover: Revolt of Gamers!  Hover: Revolt of Gamers will be released on PC/MAC/Linux tomorrow at 7 PM GMT+1. What do you think of the trailer?  

Tomb of Sargeras- Upcoming WoW Raid

Wow, we’re back and it’s been awhile. I’ve been keeping busy with World of Warcraft and it’s latest expansion Legion. My guild and I have freed the Emerald Dream from Xavius and his nightmare. We’ve been tools for Odin to defeat Helya in the Trial of Valor. Still think he could have handled that on… Read More »

The Greater Debate Is Live On Kickstarter

The Greater Debate is a stand alone expansion to the Great Debate and is now live on Kickstarter! Check it out here! The Greater Debate is a highly replayable social game that gets people sharing their insights, opinions, and view of the world in a positive, entertaining way.   If you haven’t heard of The… Read More »