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I promised everyone I took a picture of at A-Kon they could find their picture here at Zero Fortitude and here they are. If you see your picture, feel free to leave a comment. We would love to hear from you again.

Getting to the hotel was rather easy. While you are on Interstate 35 it is one exit and you are at the hotel. I was also fortunate with parking. I was able to find a covered parking garage for free. For the bonus, I was able to find a parking spot on the first level.  Another good giveaway was that I saw a girl dressed as Rouge walking past the car. Since girls don’t usually dress in green jumpsuits and have a white strip of hair in front of their head, I assumed it was a cosplayer.   But one should never assume.

Let me just make this statement first before I continue. A-Kon was my second convention I have EVER attended; Dallas Comic Con was my first. At DCC you HAVE to pay before you enter the building. So I was under the same impression when I went to A-Kon. So yes, I did walk around the outside of the hotel trying to find the “entrance” so I could pay to get it. I didn’t want to get kicked out of A-Kon because I had used the wrong entrance.  But it was rather muggy and I REALLY didn’t want to walk around the whole hotel so I just entered into a door. When I entered I was surprised to find that there were people EVERYWHERE. Eventually I figured out that the majority of A-Kon is open to the public. When you pay, you are paying to enter the dealer’s hall and to attend the events that are taking place.

Now on with the presentation.


After wandering the hotel for a bit I decided to head outside and see what I could find. What I found was Faye Valentine.



Next I found Vega and Chun Li cooling off in the shade. They were nice enough to step into the sun once one for this picture.


At the back of the park I found this courageous person who decided to come out as King Koopa. I call her courageous because like me this was HER first time at A-Kon. Unlike me she came in cosplay. The best part, her shell is also her backpack.


After enjoying the outside for a bit, and getting rather sweaty, I decided to head back inside. On the way in I ran into the Joker, Zatana, and well I don’t know. But it sure looked cool.


Here is someone I didn’t expect to see at A-Kon. I guess even Starfleet wants to enjoy A-Kon.


With the long lines into the artist gallery and the dealer hall I thought I would not see the good folks of Heroics. Lucky enough they set up in the video games hall were they were playing a board game called “Betrayal at House on the Hill”. It was explained to me that the game is very much like the movie “Cabin in the woods”. So much so that one person thought one might have spawned the other.


I found these two in the Swap Meet room trying to get a good bargain on some anime. On a side note, I saw one girl swap three of her books for a rather big cookie. Looks like you can swap anything for anything here.


Here we have Orihime Inoue, Mighty Guy, Dante and Riddler hanging out in the artist gallery.   I liked this picture because of what happened afterwards. What happened? That will remain a secret between the five of us. What happens at A-Kon stays at A-kon, right?


I would have to say these were one of my favorite costumes. Not because they are girls, but because of the imagination, creativity, and complexity of their outfits .


Another one of my favorites due to the fact that she very much looks like Sakura. She even go the pose down right.


I found him on the way out of the artist gallery, the detail was impressive. Also you might not be able to tell from the angle but he is holding the Halo sword.


Another great example of what a great costume can look like. Once again the detail is what brings the costume to life.


So what are Ariel, Ursula, and Tifa doing together? Enjoying A-Kon, what else?


Speaking of courage, this guy is filled with courage and hubris. To walk around A-Kon with JUST a towel? I tip my hat to you good sir.


It might be odd to see these two characters together but then at A-Kon anything can happen.


Another picture that would make my favorite list. This picture has “awesomeness” written all over it. You might not be able to see it but he has “The Horde” symbol on his right chest plate.


And you cant have an anime convention without some sort of Sailor Moon cosplay. A-Kon is no different.


When I decided to call it a day I headed out the first door I could find, the hotel had become one big maze to me and I was anxious to get out. Unfortunately, when I did get out I came out on the opposite end so I had to walk around the hotel. Fortunately, I found these two hanging outside also.


I never heard of any big problems during A-Kon, maybe because The Doctor was there? We will never know.


And last but certainly NOT least we have, Hatsune Miku.

The rest of the pictures will be uploaded to the Zero Fortitude Facebook page.

I would say one bad thing about A-Kon was I couldn’t get a picture of all the amazing costumes. While there I also saw Indiana Jones, Duff Man, Zapp Brannigan, characters from Soul Eater, Chobits, and what looked like a Sarnak from Everquest 2. I had a lot of fun at A-Kon and I was just there for 4 hours. I might just register for A-Kon 2014 tomarrow, or whenever it opens up again.


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  1. The fifteenth picture is of my friends, Jessica and Sharon. Their cosplay names are Twitchy Squirrel Cosplay and Texas Lightning Cosplay.

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