Murder! Be Thy Name

Rob Justice has a new role-playing game out called Murder!  Be Thy Name.  Check it out on  You can get a pdf for just $5 and a softcover book for $10.

Murder! Be Thy Name is a tabletop role-playing game for 2-7 players inspired by the musical experience of American Murder Song. This game uses tales of murder to explore America’s history during the Westward Expansion era.

The players will portray characters who end up making horrible, immoral decisions by forces outside of their control. Those choices will, ultimately, lead them to murder.

However, this is not a game about glorifying murder. The characters are not the heroes or villains. They are simply human beings who are about to do some really bad shit.

In order to play you’ll need a couple friends, some paper, a pencil, a standard deck of poker cards, and a stomach for the macabre.