Why You Should Play Pokemon Go Again

When Pokemon Go first released in 2016 it seemed like everybody was playing it.  In the beginning Pokemon didn’t show up as much as they do now.  It was very hard to catch enough to be able to evolve any of them.  Maybe this was part of the reason that friends of mine stopped playing it.  Well a lot has changed since the last time you have played Pokemon Go besides the frequency of different Pokemon showing up.  Let’s take a look at some of the things that have changed and maybe help bring you back to playing again.



Gyms have changed a lot since the beginning.  There are more gyms now.  That will give you more options to get your Pokemon in a gym and get some Pokecoins.  Also for every gym you click on and interact with you will get a gym badge.  It will increase every time you put your Pokemon in it.  Since all gyms are also Pokestops you will also get more items depending on your badge.  Gyms now have six slots for Pokemon to hold that gym down and you can’t have any duplicates in the gym.  You can click on a gym and see how many and which Pokemon are in there.



Pokemon Go added other things to do besides just getting more Pokemon candy and completing your Pokedex.  They now have research and quests to get various items and other Pokemon.  You will get research tasks most of the time when you spin a Pokestop.  A sample research task might be to catch five water type Pokemon and you will receive five berries.  When you complete seven research items you will get to catch a rare Pokemon that changes every month.  You can also do special research which when completed will let you catch Mew.



Pokemon Go came out recently with your own Friends list.  You can now send and receive gifts to all of your friends.  You can get gifts by spinning PokeStops.  Each gift will be different everytime and there is no way to tell what you will get or send.  It makes getting certain items like pokeballs easier if you can’t get to Pokestops all the time.  Besides the gifts you now can trade pokemon with friends that are close enough.  That’s right I did say TRADE!  Each trade depending on what it is costs you stardust.  Trades will be easier and cheaper the higher your friendship level is.  You gain levels by sending and opening gifts.  You can also increase your level when you do a raid together.



Some gyms will be taken over by a Boss Pokemon.  This usually lasts for a hour.  You and other trainers get to battle this Boss Pokemon and try to defeat it.  If you defeat it then you get special items and a chance to catch that Pokemon.  There are different levels of every raid so some will be harder than others.  Part of the fun is getting many trainers together to take down a legendary pokemon.


Well hopefully after hearing all the new changes you might reconsider playing Pokemon Go again.  You have to catch them all!