My New Home Bar

I never even thought once about having a home bar in my new house before.  We do have a few bottles of alcohol that just sit in one of our empty cabinets.  We didn’t have anything fancy just a few bottles needed for certain drinks.  That changed when my wife’s grandma was wanting to get rid of hers.  Since it needed moved and we still had some empty space we took it home.


I moved some of my alcohol when we got it

It didn’t take me long to start moving what we had over to the new bar.  The new home bar had some empty space that needed to be filled.  I started looking around YouTube about stocking a home bar since I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed.  It didn’t take me long to discover the channel Common Man Cocktails.

After watching a lot of his videos I got really excited about mixing some new drinks.  I didn’t have much but I knew I wanted to get the equipment I needed.  After doing some research and reading reviews I made my decision.  I decided to get the 10 piece bartender set from NauZone.  When my set arrived I was excited and eager to make my first drink.  My first mixed drink was a Margarita which I was told was delicious.

My new bartending equipment

I went and added a few more alcohol choices and ingredients without getting too crazy.  It was difficult shopping at the store because there is so much new stuff I want to try.  I plan on growing my collection slowly.  For right now I purchased just what I needed for certain drinks that my family likes.  If this continues maybe I will do some alcohol reviews and related posts on here too.

After I added some new bottles