Top 5 Women To Challenge Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey will be defending her Raw Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss at the WWE PPV Hell in a Cell.  It looks like Ronda will keep her title and go on to another feud while Alexa will move away from the championship scene for some time.  After Alexa Bliss who should challenge for the title?  Here is my Top 5 women I think should challenge Ronda Rousey.


Nia Jax

I know that these two were already in a feud, but I think it’s possible that Nia Jax can work her way into a match again with Ronda Rousey.  Her feud before didn’t seem that interesting to me when she was champion.  Maybe it would be different if Nia was chasing Ronda for a shot at the title.  It also wouldn’t hurt if she showcased her power more.  Nia could prove that she is in fact not like most girls.


Sasha Banks

The look on Sasha Bank’s face when Stephanie held a ceremony for Ronda Rousey after she won the title says it all.  She looked so upset for Ronda cutting in front of the line because of who she is. The WWE could take that moment and run with it.  This could be the perfect time for “The Boss” Sasha Banks to make her presence known again too.



This seems like it could happen any minute now.  They have been friends and training partners for awhile, but that can change quickly.  How long will it be before Natalya gets jealous of Ronda?  Natalya will be tired of seeing somebody with the title that she thinks doesn’t deserve it.  This would also be a nice feud for Ronda to develop more and work with somebody she trusts.


Ember Moon

The WWE isn’t doing anything with Ember Moon at the moment.  That’s just a shame to me.  She has a lot to offer and I hate seeing her athleticism go to waste.  Ember would play the underdog role in this one, and I can see the fans cheering for both.  If she was to feud with Ronda I don’t see it being a long feud but the spots she would bring could be great for them both going forward.


Ruby Riott

This feud is another one that makes sense to me.  Ruby Riott has the talent and her squad to make this feud fun.  Alexa used similar tactics with using others to distract and attack Ronda.  They were no Riott Squad though.  It would show how Ronda really handles the numbers game.  I think the Riott Squad would make Ronda’s life in the WWE very hard and interesting.  If done correctly this could be a very nice feud.