Dungeon Derby

This new push-you-luck party game takes you off to the races – Dungeon Style! Dungeon Derby is an easy-to-learn racing game where players represent clans whose “Champion” is racing through a dungeon. The game sports a great mix of strategy and luck as cards are played to help or hinder racers and spells are cast to change the flow of each race. The goal is simple, accumulate the most wealth possible for your clan. Race-winning Champions are rewarded with treasures for their victories, players who have wagered correctly on a race collect winnings from the dungeon master, and those down on their luck can go on interactive, adventurous quests to earn rewards. A day at the dungeon races often includes the thrill of winning races, the gut-wrenching frustration of defeat, and the fun of lighthearted banter with other players. In the end everyone leaves the races as winners, but only the player with the most wealth can claim to be the master of the dungeon!


Sound like your kind of fun? You’re not alone! Dungeon Derby passed its Kickstarter goal in just 8 hours. The game will remain live on Kickstarter until September 6th. Tanner Yarro, Creative Genius at Rabbiteer explains, “Dungeon Derby was released on Kickstarter not only to raise capital for game production, but also collect input from backers for the final tweaks necessary to make the game awesome. As a reward, exclusive spells, traps, and quests are available only to backers on Kickstarter.” Be among the first to experience the dungeon and to receive the exclusive Kickstarter content by backing the game at https://tinyurl.com/dungeonderby!


Here is a short overview video


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