WWE Should Listen to the Fans…Maybe?

You hear it being said all the time.  The WWE should listen to the fans.  I’m guilty too and can’t deny it.  This phrase usually comes up with the discussion about Roman Reigns.  Fans boo Roman even though he gets so many opportunities.  Vince should listen to the fans and push somebody else like Braun Strowman who always gets cheered.  If you really listen there are some fans cheering for Roman too.  So which fans should the WWE listen to?  Let’s take a look at some of the things I’ve heard from the fans and you decide what the WWE should listen to.


CM Punk!  Why hasn’t the WWE went out and signed CM Punk yet?  You hear is name being chanted during shows so he should be signed.  Right?  The fans really want to see him back in the WWE and that will probably never ever happen again.   Chanting his name all the time makes no sense and really does nothing for the product.  Fans should remember all the good times we had with CM Punk and seriously stop chanting his name.


5..4..3..2..1..  At Extreme Rules we got a 30 minute Iron Man match for the Intercontinental Championship with Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins.  Seth Rollins usually gets a descent size pop and cheers when he comes out so most of the fans like him.  During this match the fans were more interested in counting down with the clock when it was shown.  The clock got removed but that didn’t stop the fans from counting down at different points in the match.  It was disrespectful to Seth and Dolph who were trying to put on a great match.


Rusev Day!  I want to say first that I like the Rusev Day gimmick and I have the shirt.  I want Rusev to get a push and do well in the WWE so I do yell Rusev Day.  When Rusev is on the screen or wrestling a match it’s the perfect time to chant Rusev Day, but when he’s not fans should stop.  The WWE could help wrestlers get cheap pops if they mention Rusev Day at anytime during their promos if they were to listen to the fans chanting it over and over.


Beach Ball!  Not sure exactly how this one really got started.  I’ve been to a show where the crowd started yelling for beach balls and magically they appeared.  People were so busy looking for that stupid beach ball that they didn’t try to watch and enjoy anything going on in the ring.  Now the fans have been heard yelling that they want beach balls during boring matches.  So why hasn’t the WWE debuted a wrestler named Beach Ball to make the fans happy?


I get that sometimes fans aren’t happy with the WWE product.  There are ways to let them know besides chanting dumb things and being disrespectful.  You don’t have to attend events at all if you think it’s bad.  When you are talking with your friends about the WWE and you catch yourself saying they need to listen to the fans, stop and ask if they should listen to all the fans.