The 13th Doctor Revealed

It was revealed today that the new Doctor will be a woman!  Jodie Whittaker will succeed Peter Capaldi in the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas episode.

So far a male has played the Doctor and with this announcement opinions flooded social media.  I saw many posts on my timeline that expressed excitement and are very optimistic about the new season.  Many were girls but a lot of guys really liked the change too.  With the positive comes the negative and I read those comments too.  There were fans  that hated this news and will refuse to watch Doctor Who because of it.   That’s just sad that they won’t even give the new Doctor Who season a chance.

I think this is the prefect time for the Doctor to be a woman and can’t wait for the Christmas special to air and the new season with Jodie Whittaker to start!


Here is the trailer showing the new Doctor.