In taking a closer look at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I considers how the movie could have been a lot better.

Since Easter is a time of forgiveness and new beginnings I thought I might rent Rogue One and watch it one more time. I say this because I didn’t like it. I was rather disappointed with it. Yet, I thought that everyone loves this movie so much that maybe I missed something. Maybe on the second viewing it might finally connect with me.

Unfortunately, once again from the beginning I didn’t like it. All I can do is crack jokes and make little commentaries. However, I put my feelings of discontent aside and continued watching it. It could be that this is an epic story that has been cut down. Call me crazy but I want to know everything. I want to know who all these people are that we being introduced to.

The film makes it a point to show us Jyn is in jail with someone. Why? Who is that? Why are they there? They take us to the Ring of Kafrene a trading outpost in an asteroid system where we first see Cassian and all I have are questions. Is this an asteroid system? Where is it located?  There are moments were I feel like something great might happen yet it doesn’t. I think the book version would be magnificent since you can explain so much more in books. I am almost tempted to write the book myself so I can answer these questions.

What is with the music? It feels more like a fan film than an actual Lucasfilm movie. Could they not secure the rights for the original Star Wars music? It seemed like they went out of their way to make this not like other Star Warsmovies. When K-2SO says the famous line “I have a bad feeling about this,” he is cut off by Jyn and Cassian. Yes, it’s funny, but it shows how they are going out of their way to make this their Star Wars movie. I don’t want to sound like an purist but if you make a Star Wars movie you need 1) a rolling scroll at the beginning 2) the Star Wars logo and 3) the Star Wars theme song. Every game and movie has done it. Why be different?

Another thing that bugs me is the dialogue. There are so many times that saying one or two words could improve the story yet it seems like they purposely left things out to keep the story as dark and confusing as possible. It’s almost as if the screenwriters were afraid to say things because it might become part of Star Wars lore. It could also be that since I have taken a screenwriting class, I see were the little mistakes are that others would overlook. I would love it if something I wrote became part of Star Wars lore. What were the writers afraid of?

It’s not that I’m nit-picking, although there is plenty of room to do that. Especially in that last hour. Then again, action-adventure films are filled with plot holes and unbelievable actions. The one thing that disappoints me the most is people don’t understand how great this could have been. Basically the movie is like a meal. The steak is great. The potatoes are good. The drink could have been better. But where is the rest of the meal? Where is the salad? Where are the other dishes? Yes, I am enjoying the meal but the other meals had more. I felt satisfied when I finished them. I stand by my statement of watch that last hour of the film. The first hour does nothing for the film except as filler.

Yet, it’s not a bad story. It just could have been so much better. I love the references to the classic Star Wars films and the tension at the beginning of the film between Jyn, K-2SO and Cassian. You can feel that something great might come from it. I also thought the reconstruction of Governor Tarkin was done rather well. People will say “You’re just upset because everyone dies at the end.” Not really. I understand why they did it. It’s a standalone movie and they didn’t want anyone to add anything else to it. It really is a “one and done” movie. I would have gone in a different direction but each person is different.

I say all these things trying to figure out “why don’t I like this”. Because I have made it a point in life to understand why I like or don’t like something. To say “just because.” is not acceptable.  There has to be a reason. Logic dictates there is a reason for everything. So there must be a reason why I would like or dislike something. I won’t say I am mad, angry, or upset with this movie, more like disappointment than anything else. I feel like a parent whose kid passed with letter grade of “C.” Yes, it’s good. It’s passing. Yet, when that same child has been getting “A’s” and “B’s” beforehand you have to wonder why they got a C. Did they study too much, not enough, were they tired in the exams, did they not understand the material? I will end this by saying Rogue One is an amazing Fan Film. But a mediocre Hollywood film.