ROH Best in the World 2017


Finally got a chance to watch Ring of Honor: Best in the World 2017.  I will not cover every move in the show, so you can go check it out for yourselves.


The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia) vs El Terrible & Ultimo Guerrero of CMLL


The show starts our with a match that will be contested under Lucha Libre Rules. This match had a few good spots and all around great action.  The crowd was into the match from the start of the show.  The match ended with a school boy roll up .

Winner: Team CMLL (El Terrible & Ultimo Guerrero)


Next match was a grudge match going back to War of the Worlds 2017 (Frankie Kazarian vs the Hangman Adam Page of the Bullet Club) in a Strap Match


This is a feud that has been brewing since Kaz infiltrated the Bullet Club and allowed Christopher Daniels to win the ROH World Heavyweight Title.  Unlike most Strap Matches the opponents will have separate straps and will be allowed to whip each other.  The match is everything you expect from a strap match.  Brutality at its finest.  Adam Page attempts to bring in a strap that is covered in thumbtacks and nails.  The strap with the nails and tacks ends up going across the back of Kaz a couple of times ripping his skin open.  It then went across the back of Page doing the same.  The match ended with Kaz hanging Page on the bottom rope using the strap.


Winner: Frankie Kazarian


Next up is an 8 Man Tag Match: The Rebellion (Shane Taylor, Caprice Coleman, Kenny King and Rhett Tutus)  comes out first followed by Search & Destroy (Alex Shelly, Chris Cabin, Jay White Jonathan Gresham)


The match had plenty of great action and high spots you would come to expect from these competitors.  Overall I give this match a B for action.  The match ended with Search and Destroy getting the win via Submission.  Per the terms of the match The Rebellion must disband.


Winner:  Search & Destroy (Alex Shelly, Chris Cabin, Jay White Jonathan Gresham)


Next up is “The Franchise” Jey Lethal vs Silas Young


Young came out first followed by the Beer City Bruiser.  Lethal music hit and while waiting for him to come down the entry ramp, lethal takes out the Bruiser with a steel chair from behind.  This match had everything you expect from ROH match.  You have your high flying spots, hard nose hitting and multiple finishers.  Even had some great technical mat skills on display from Young.  The match ended with a reversal into a pin.  The match concludes with Young and Bruiser beating down on Lethal.


Winner: “The Franchise” Jey Lethal


Next up is the ROH 6 Man Tag-Team title match The Briscoes & Bully Ray (c) vs Dalton Castle and the Boys


Dalton Castle has to be one of the most over wrestlers in the company.  Love him or hate him he is OVER.  The first to enter the ring is Castle and the Boys.  Next up is your champions Bully Ray and the Briscoes.  This match was crazy and again Castle is SO OVER with the crowd.  Jay Briscoe could not keep his focus on anything except The Boys.  Great back and forth match.


Winner and NEW Champions: Dalton Castle and the Boys


Next up is the ROH World TV Championship Kushida (c) from NJPW vs The Villian Marty Scurll of the Bullet Club


This is a rematch from War of the World.  Kushida vs Scurll is a great rivalry and is setting up to be a long term run for ROH.  This match was good and Scrull is one of the best up and coming guys in the business.  Love the Bullet Club Umbrella by the way.



Winner: And still Champion Kushida


Coming up next is the ROH Tag Team Title match The Young Bucks (c) vs War Machine (Ray Rowe & Hanson)


The match was about to begin when The Best Friends (Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor) come out and challenge the Young Bucks to add them to the match and make it a Tornado Tag Match.  Both teams accept and now you have a Tornado Tag Match for the ROH Tag Team Championships.


Winner: And still Champions The Young Bucks


The Main Event of the night is up next and this one is a contender for Match of the Year and is for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship


The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes vs Christopher Daniels (c)


Cody Rhodes is part of the Bullet Club and has been chasing a World Heavyweight Championship since day one at the WWE.   This match is up for a match of the year contender.  Christopher Daniels has held the Championship with pride and it was long deserved for him to finally win the big one in ROH.  Cody is an upcoming Free Agent and has refused to sign a long term contract with ROH.  This match had everything you could expect with plenty of action, high spots and everything else you would expect.


Winner: And NEW ROH World Heavyweight Champion The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.


Cody finally realized his dream to hold World Championship Gold.  An emotional Cody celebrated in the ring with Scurll and the Young Bucks and Adam Page.  The American Dream was smiling down on his son this night and got to see from the best seat in the house his son finally realize his dreams.  Social Media blew up after the end of this match with multiple superstars from ALL federations sending out congratulations to Cody.