The First Ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

I was just like most people and looking forward to this match at the pay per view. The match did not disappoint. You can not expect the level of damage and high spots that you see in most of them but the women did not disappoint. The match had multiple high spots with Becky Lynch taking the majority of the bumps. After about 20 min the match was in full swing and most of the women were laid out on the floor below. With that being said it left Becky in the ring to climb for her title shot. Once she was climbing the ladder with Carmella on the ring, the chinless wonder James Ellsworth decided to get involved in the match. Ultimately he climbed the ladder and retrieved the briefcase. He then dropped it into the hands of the Carmella and that by the rules of the match should have been the end. The rules state that the first women to have control of the briefcase they are the winner. End of story, or was it…

Tons of people were upset about the outcome but in my personal opinion you have 2 Heels and they generated Nuclear level heat. This is something that they should have run with but if you watched Smackdown last night you know that they took the MiTB briefcase back from Carmella and they are going to do the match over on June 27, 2017 on Smackdown. I believe that this will still be a good match and Ellsworth has been banned from ringside for the match. I hope that they give the case back to Carmella and she makes a wonderful Heel.

This is just my opinion and I know it is not always popular but I believe that this will be great in the long run. We just have to see who comes out with the title shot next week.