What’s Next for Enzo Amore?

Last night on WWE Raw it was revealed that Big Cass was the one that’s been attacking Enzo Amore.  Cass was tired of cleaning up and listening to Enzo so he took him out and ended the tag team relationship.  Cass can go on and have a successful singles career given his size and talent.  However, what is next for Enzo Amore?

Let’s look at a few options.

  1. He can find himself a new tag team partner.  I’m sure there are a few wrestlers who have nothing going that could use a change.  Teaming up with Enzo could help.  They could even pair him up some more with the Big Show since it seemed to work well.
  2. He could wrestle in the cruiserweight division.  Enzo could just go off and wrestle by himself.  He would have to do a few things different in the ring but it could work.  I don’t think he could separate himself in the ring from some of the high flying and talented cruiserweights at the moment.  It would be fun to see him verbally cut down his opponent though.
  3. Enzo becomes a manager.  Just like what Paul Heyman does for Brock Lesnar; Enzo could be the spokesperson for another wrestler.  His mic skills are too good to waste so put them to good use.  He could help out somebody that has everything else going for them minus the mic skills.  He could even form a stable.  Call them the “Certified G’s.”

It was sad to see Enzo Amore and Big Cass get split up before they had a tag team championship run.  I wish nothing but the best for the both of them but I’m curious to see what happens with Enzo Amore.  Only time will tell and you can’t teach that!