My New Gaming Shelves

My family and I finally got us a new house.  This has been a long time coming and we are very excited.  With a new house comes my very first gaming room.  There is still some work that needs to be finalized so we can’t completely move in yet.  However, I did get the chance to start moving all of my games over to the gaming room.  I thought I would take a few photos during this setup.

I was looking at my empty shelves just waiting and wanting to be filled up.  Where do I even start?  Which games do I bring over first?  How do I separate them on the shelves?  Just asking questions wasn’t getting me anywhere so I just started grabbing games.


Here are my empty shelves


I slowly made a few piles and started moving my games over to the new house.  My first thought was to put games from the same company together.  For example, I put all of my Upper Deck Legendary games together.  Then I wanted to keep all of my party games together.


This is my first step.


At this point I did decide to keep all of my role playing games to one side.  I also focused on filling up the middle shelves first.  For right now I stacked most of my games on top of each other instead of standing them up.  I may stand up more when I get fully set up.


My shelves are starting to not look empty

Quickly the empty spaces on my shelves filled up.  It seemed like I had more room in the beginning.  I know I can move a few games around and make some more room, but for right now it’s all good.

Here is my gaming shelves now!


I got all of my games over to the new house and put on my shelves.  I might show some more photos when I get completely done with it.  I have plans to condense some of my games in other storage containers.  That is another post for later though.