Tomb of Sargeras- Upcoming WoW Raid

Wow, we’re back and it’s been awhile. I’ve been keeping busy with World of Warcraft and it’s latest expansion Legion. My guild and I have freed the Emerald Dream from Xavius and his nightmare. We’ve been tools for Odin to defeat Helya in the Trial of Valor. Still think he could have handled that on his own without using us or at least telling us about what needed to be done. Our group is pretty chill and like killing bad guys so we probably would have done it regardless. After that we ventured into the Nighthold in Suramar City to free the city from the clutches of the Legion and Gul’dan. As a bonus we got to free Illidian from becoming the next body for Sargeras to control. Now we are working towards the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras to take the fight to the Legion once again and try to stop their invasion of Azeroth.

That means that we’re into patch 7.2 with the Broken Shore and quests to move the story towards that goal. While the quests are pretty nice in giving more to the story at the same time we’re also sent on doing more World quests and a new dungeon to bid our time as we wait. I do have to admit I find the new dungeon, Cathedral of Eternal Night to be a very beautiful instance and the fights are interesting. They also brought us many changes to the artifact weapon and artifact knowledge. They increased the cap of artifact knowledge to fifty. While this helps on getting the artifact power, but at the same time feels like we’re being put on an endless grind to max out our weapon. I know many in my guild were on the fence with this change, because they saw the plus but at the same time it also means the weapon is getting more abilities for us to get. That is both a plus and a negative as it means more grinding.

With the upcoming raid we will be getting more encounters with bosses that look very familiar as well as at least two bosses that big in WoW lore and past. A few of the bosses make sense for the location story wise from what I have read while others I’m not sure why they are there. One of the boss encounters story wise that I think makes sense is the Sisters of the Moon. This is a group encounter of four bosses that had been tasked with keeping vigil of the temple before it became the tomb we know it as today. Over the years, even in death, their vigil has become tainted and twisted as they no longer recognize friend or foe. Just reading their description has me interested in their encounter and their fight. It also makes me interested in their story and how they died as well as what made them continue on in death.

I am most excited to take on Kil’jaeden as we foiled his plan in the Sunwell raid during the Burning Crusade. I think I am more excited for that fight over the Avatar of Sargeras simply because I’ve already experienced beating Kil’jaeden once before. While Sargeras is a very big part of lore and history of Azeroth and World of Warcraft, it is almost a given that we will be facing him eventually as it’s been built up to this for multiple expansions. Even with that history and knowing that it has been Sargeras this whole time pulling the strings, it’s having the history of actually fighting something that makes it more personal to me at least. Much like Archimonde in Warlords of Draenor it was a really good feeling of getting to fight him again after the encounter with him in Mount Hyjal. Or even the many times we’ve beaten Gul’dan…..can that orc just stay dead now?

Overall I would have to say I have been enjoying this expansion more than the previous one. It hasn’t topped my favorite expansion of Wrath of the Lich King, but it is in my top three. I am greatly looking forward to the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras. Stay tuned as I’ll be back to give more news on World of Warcraft, but I just wanted to pop this up and say yay for being back.

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